A polling model with an autonomous server

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This paper considers polling systems with an autonomous server that remain at a queue for an exponential amount of time before moving to a next queue incurring a generally distributed switch-over time. The server remains at a queue until the exponential visit time expires, also when the queue becomes empty. If the queue is not empty when the visit time expires, service is preempted upon server departure, and repeated when the server returns to the queue. The paper first presents a necessary and sufficient condition for stability, and subsequently analyzes the joint queue-length distribution via an embedded Markov chain approach. As the autonomous exponential visit times may seem to result in a system that closely resembles a system of independent queues, we explicitly investigate the approximation of our system via a system of independent vacation queues. This approximation is accurate for short visit times only.
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Article number10.1007/s11134-009-9131-z
Pages (from-to)279-308
Number of pages30
JournalQueueing systems
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 30 Jul 2009


  • MSC-60K25
  • MSC-60K37
  • Preemptive service
  • Time-limited service discipline
  • IR-68267
  • Single-server multi-queue system
  • Unreliable server model
  • METIS-264108
  • EWI-16428

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