A Supervisor for Control of Mode-switch Process

R.A. Hilhorst, R.A. Hilhorst, J. van Amerongen, P. Lohnberg, H.J.A.F. Tulleken

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    Many processes operate only around a limited number of operation points. In order to have adequate control around each operation point, and adaptive controller could be used. When the operation point changes often, a large number of parameters would have to be adapted over and over again. This makes application of conventional adaptive control unattractive, which is more suited for processes with slowly changing parameters. Furthermore, continuous adaptation is not always needed or desired. An extension of adaptive control is presented, in which for each operation point the process behaviour can be stored in a memory, retrieved from it and evaluated. These functions are co-ordinated by a ¿supervisor¿. This concept is referred to as a supervisor for control of mode-switch processes. It leads to an adaptive control structure which quickly adjusts the controller parameters based on retrieval of old information, without the need to fully relearn each time. This approach has been tested on experimental set-ups of a flexible beam and of a flexible two-link robot arm, but it is directly applicable to other processes, for instance, in the (petro) chemical industry.
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    Publication statusPublished - 1994


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