A swelling hydrogel-based Pco2 sensor

S. Herber, Wouter Olthuis, Piet Bergveld

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    This paper reports the exploration of hydrogel as sensor material for the detection of carbon dioxide (CO2). Hydrogel microspheres, which swell or shrink in response to a change in pH, were specifically prepared for this purpose and placed on a pressure sensor membrane. Subsequently, a porous metal screen was placed on top to fix the volume and position of the microspheres. The newly created sensor was placed in a sodium bicarbonate solution and CO2 was led through the solution to decrease the pH. In response, the hydrogel microspheres deswell and consequently, the measured pressure decreases. The main advantage of this sensor principle is the lack of a reference electrode as required for potentiometric sensors
    Original languageUndefined
    Pages (from-to)378-382
    Number of pages5
    JournalSensors and Actuators B: Chemical
    Issue number1-3
    Publication statusPublished - 2003


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