A transformation-based approach to business process management in the cloud

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    Business Process Management (BPM) has gained a lot of popularity in the last two decades, since it allows organizations to manage and optimize their business processes. However, purchasing a BPM system can be an expensive investment for a company, since not only the software itself needs to be purchased, but also hardware is required on which the process engine should run, and personnel need to be hired or allocated for setting up and maintaining the hardware and the software. Cloud computing gives its users the opportunity of using computing resources in a pay-per-use manner, and perceiving these resources as unlimited. Therefore, the application of cloud computing technologies to BPM can be extremely beneficial specially for small and middle-size companies. Nevertheless, the fear of losing or exposing sensitive data by placing these data in the cloud is one of the biggest obstacles to the deployment of cloud-based solutions in organizations nowadays. In this paper we introduce a transformation-based approach that allows companies to control the parts of their business processes that should be allocated to their own premises and to the cloud, to avoid unwanted exposure of confidential data and to profit from the high performance of cloud environments. In our approach, the user annotates activities and data that should be placed in the cloud or on-premise, and an automated transformation generates the process fragments for cloud and on-premise deployment. The paper discusses the challenges of developing the transformation and presents a case study that demonstrates the applicability of the approach.
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    • EWI-24655
    • BPM in the cloud
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    • METIS-304058
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