Acoustic power measurements of oscillating flames

M. Valk

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The acoustic power of an oscillating flame is measured. A turbulent premixed propane/air flame is situated near a pressure antinode of a standing wave in a laboratory combustion chamber. This standing wave is generated by a piston. The fluctuating heat release of the flame will supply acoustic power to the standing wave as postulated by Rayleigh. This flame acoustic power is obtained by setting up a power balance of the whole combustion chamber. Experiments proved that it is possible to measure quantitatively the acoustic power and the frequency change as a function of relevant parameters. This frequency change is a second phenomenon described by Rayleigh. The acoustic power of the flame as a function of the amplitude of the fluctuating component of the mixture flow velocity at different frequencies can be measured. Measurement techniques are described and results for frequencies ranging from 3 to 120 Hz are given.
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JournalCombustion and flame
Publication statusPublished - 1981


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