Adhesive Hard-Sphere Colloidal Dispersions. A Small-Angle Neutron-Scattering Study of Stickiness and the Structure Factor

C.G. de Kruif, P.W. Rouw, Willem J. Briels, Michael H.G. Duits, A. Vrij, R.P. May

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Small-angle neutron-scattering structure factor measurements were made on sterically stabilized silica spheres dispersed in benzene up to volume fractions of 0.30. Benzene is only a marginal solvent for the stabilizing layer on the surface of the particles. The particles are made attractive by lowering temperature. This attraction is modeled by a square well potential, the depth of which varies with temperature. At the highest temperature studied, our experimental system behaved effectively as an assembly of hard spheres, whereas at the lowest temperature the system approaches a spinodal. Using Baxter's theory we were able to evaluate the interaction parameters and to calculate the structure factor. Experimental structure factors were satisfactorily reproduced over the entire temperature range studied.
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Pages (from-to)422-428
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 1989


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