Advances in emergency networking

Maurits de Graaf, Hans Leo van den Berg, Richardus J. Boucherie, Herman Elfrink, S.M. Heemstra de Groot, Roland de Haan, Arjan te Marvelde, Jan C.W. van Ommeren, Frank Roijers, Jan Stemerdink, Erik Tromp

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Crisis situations require fast regain of control. Wireless ad-hoc networks will enable emergency services to act upon the actual status of the situation by retrieving and exchanging detailed up-to-date information. Deployment of highbandwidth, robust, self-organising ad-hoc networks will therefore enable quicker response to typical hat/where/when questions, than the more vulnerable low-bandwidth communication networks currently in use. This paper addresses a number of results of the projects AAF (Adaptive Ad-hoc Freeband communications) and Easy Wireless that enable high bandwidth robust ad-hoc networking.
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Number of pages6
Publication statusPublished - 2007


  • EWI-11611
  • MSC-90B18
  • IR-70341

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