An open repository of earthquake-triggered ground-failure inventories: data release collection

R.G. Schmitt, Hakan Tanyas, M. Anna Nowicki Jessee, J. Zhu, K.M. Biegel, Kate E. Allstadt, Randall W. Jibson, C.J. van Westen, Hiroshi P. Sato, D.J. Wald, Jonathan W. Godt, Tolga Gorum, C. Xu, E.M. Rathje, Jørgen Kjetil Knudsen

Research output: Other contributionOther research output


Earthquake-triggered ground failure, such as landsliding and liquefaction, can contribute significantly to losses, but our current ability to accurately include them in earthquake-hazard analyses is limited. The development of robust and widely applicable models requires access to numerous inventories of ground failures triggered by earthquakes that span a broad range of terrains, shaking characteristics, and climates. We present an openly accessible, centralized earthquake-triggered groundfailure inventory repository in the form of a ScienceBase Community to provide open access to these data with the goal of accelerating research progress. The ScienceBase Community hosts digital inventories created by both U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and non-USGS authors. We present the original digital inventory files (when available) as well as an integrated database with uniform attributes. We also summarize the mapping methodology and level of completeness as reported by the original author(s) for each inventory. This document describes the steps taken to collect, process, and compile the inventories and the process for adding additional ground-failure inventories to the ScienceBase Community in the future.

Original languageEnglish
TypeData release collection
Media of outputWebsite USGS
PublisherU.S. Geological Survey
Number of pages17
Publication statusPublished - 2017


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