An Overview of Innovative Computer-Based Testing

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Driven by the technological revolution, computer-based testing (CBT) has witnessed an explosive rise the last decades, in both psychological and educational assessment. Many paper-and-pencil tests now have a computer-based equivalent. Innovations in CBT are almost innumerable, and innovative and new CBTs continue to emerge on a very regular basis. Innovations in CBT may best be described along a continuum of several dimensions. Parshall, Spray, Kalohn, and Davey (2002) describe five innovation dimensions in which CBTs can differ in their level of innovativeness: item format, response action, media inclusion, level of interactivity, and scoring method. This chapter provides a detailed description of the five innovation dimensions, including case examples. Furthermore, an overview of opportunities, risks, and future research will be given
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationPsychometrics in Practice at RCEC
EditorsTheo J.H.M. Eggen, Bernard P. Veldkamp
ISBN (Print)9789036533744
Publication statusPublished - 2012


  • Computer-based testing
  • Future research
  • Dimensions of innovation
  • Opportunities and risks


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