An overview of microflown technologies

H.E. de Bree

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    The Microflown is an acoustic sensor measuring particle velocity instead of sound pressure, which is usually measured by conventional microphones. Since its recent invention it is mostly used for measurement purposes (1D and 3D-sound intensity measurement and acoustic impedance). The Microflown is also used for measuring DC-flows, that can be considered as particle velocity with a frequency of 0Hz. Furthermore the Microflown is used in the professional audio as a low frequency add on microphone for pressure gradient microphones (figure of eight; directional microphones). Due to its small dimensions and silicon based production method the Microflown is very suitable for mobile applications like mobile telephones or smartcards. Nowadays sound-energy determination, array applications and three-dimensional impulse response are under investigation. Although the Microflown was invented only some years ago, the device is already commercially available.
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    JournalAcustica united with Acta Acustica
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    Publication statusPublished - Jan 2003


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