Analysis of current validation practices in Europe for space - based climate data records of essential climate variables

Yijian Zeng, Zhongbo Su, J.C. Calvet, T. Manninen, E. Swinnen, J. Schulz, R.A. Roebeling, P. Poli, D. Tan, A. Ruhela, C.M. Tanis, A.N. Arslan, A. Obregon, A. Kaiser-Weiss, V.O. John, W.J. Timmermans, J. Timmermans, F. Kasper, H. Gregow, A.L. BarbuD. Fairbairn, E. Gelati, C. Meurey

Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

34 Citations (Scopus)

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