Appropriate models in decision support systems for river basin management

YuePing Xu, Martijn J. Booij

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In recent years, new ideas and techniques appear very quickly, like sustainability, adaptive management, Geographic Information System, Remote Sensing and participations of new stakeholders, which contribute a lot to the development of decision support systems in river basin management. However, the role of models still needs to be emphasized, especially for model-based decision support systems. This paper aims to find appropriate models for decision support systems. An appropriate system is defined as ‘the system can produce final outputs which enable the decision makers to distinguish different river engineering measures according to the current problem’. An appropriateness framework is proposed mainly based on uncertainty and sensitivity analysis. A flood risk model is used, as a part of the Dutch River Meuse DSS to investigate whether the appropriate framework works. The results showed that the proposed approach is applicable and helpful to find appropriate models.
Original languageUndefined
Title of host publicationBALWOIS 2004. Conference on Water Observation and Information System for Decision Support, 26 -29 May 2004, Ohrid, Republic of Macedonnia,
EditorsM. Morell, O. Todorovik, D. Dimitrov, A. Selenica, Z. Spirkovski
PublisherMinisttry of Education and Science, rep. of Macedonia
Number of pages10
Publication statusPublished - 26 May 2004
EventConference on Water Observation and Information Systems for Decision Support - Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia
Duration: 25 May 200429 May 2004


ConferenceConference on Water Observation and Information Systems for Decision Support
Other25-29 May 2004


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