Artifacts - Anycast Agility: Network Playbooks to Fight DDoS

A S M Rizvi, Leandro M. Bertholdo, João Ceron, John Heidemann

Research output: Other contributionAcademic

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In this document, we provide datasets and software tools related to our paper “Anycast Agility: Network Playbooks to Fight DDoS”. Our artifact contains several datasets generated from our anycast experiments and analysis. Our datasets provide a snapshot of the results that we generated during our experiments. Some of our experimental results are dependent on the current state of the network interconnections and policies. However, due to the anycast stability, we expect to get similar results if we redo the experiments now. Our published datasets support our key results and are publicly available. We also provide tools and scripts that can be useful for other researchers.

We provide datasets and tools for measuring anycast agility against DDoS. Our datasets are available upon request. We provide datasets about the traffic distribution after BGP changes in testbeds, attack data from a DNS root server and from the Dutch National Scrubbing Center, other data related to anycast catchment stability, and other supporting data for our software tools. We provide codes for traffic estimation, for reproducing experiments, and for parsing the collected data.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages8
Publication statusPublished - 1 Apr 2022


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