Assessment of Mechatronic System Performance at an Early Design Stage

Erik Coelingh, Theo J.A. de Vries, Rien Koster

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    For conceptual design of electromechanical motion systems, an assessment method is formulated that supports the design of a feasible reference path generator, control system, and electromechanical plant with appropriate sensor locations, in an integrated way. This method is based on a classification of standard transfer functions, plant models, and closed-loop systems. The assessment method can be applied in several ways, depending on the available knowledge about the design problem. In order to illustrate this method, an application to an industrial motion system is described. The assessment method quickly provides insight in the design problem. Furthermore, feasible goals and required design efforts can be estimated at an early stage.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)269-279
    Number of pages11
    JournalIEEE/ASME transactions on mechatronics
    Issue number3
    Publication statusPublished - 2002


    • Design
    • Mechatronics
    • Motion control
    • Proportional differential (PD) controllers


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