b-Oriented MFI membranes prepared from porous silica coatings

Sonia Aguado, E.E. McLeary, Arian Nijmeijer, Maria W.J. Luiten-Olieman, Jacobus C. Jansen, Freek Kapteijn

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The preparation of b-oriented MFI films from porous silica layers was investigated and optimized. The alumina supported silica membranes were immersed in a concentrated TPAOH solution. Finally b-oriented and well-intergrown MFI crystal films were produced by carrying out an in situ hydrothermal synthesis using a synthesis solution 1 SiO2:0.05 TPAOH:37.5–169 H2O:0.15 NaOH. The main function of the silica is twofold, it serves as a nucleation layer for the silicalite-1 and provides a smooth surface for the oriented crystal growth into a continuous layer. Prolonged synthesis duration leads to the formation of a secondary layer with increasing a-orientation.
Original languageUndefined
Pages (from-to)165-169
JournalMicroporous and mesoporous materials
Issue number1-2
Publication statusPublished - 2009


  • MFI
  • Zeolite
  • METIS-256489
  • In situ crystallization
  • Film
  • Orientation
  • IR-70246

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