Biochip and process for the production of a biochip

C.J. Ingham (Inventor), A.J. Sprenkels (Inventor), Johan G. Bomer (Inventor), J.E.T. van Hylckama Vlieg (Inventor), W.M. Vos (Inventor), Albert van den Berg (Inventor)

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    Abstract of WO2006112709 The invention relates to a biochip comprising a porous support, wherein the porous support comprises at least one surface coated with a coating, preferably a polymer coating, wherein the coating is patterned with a micro compartments pattern, with the support providing a bottom surface to the compartments and the coating providing edges to the compartments, and wherein the pattern comprises at least 400 compartments per mm<SUP>2</SUP>. The biochip can be obtained by a process comprising providing a porous support; coating at least one surface of the support with a coating; arranging between the coated surface and an ion etching device a shadow mask with a predetermined hole pattern; and ion etching at least part of the coating such that a patterned coating with micro compartments is obtained.
    Original languageUndefined
    Patent numberWO2006NL50078
    Priority date26/10/06
    Publication statusSubmitted - 10 Apr 2006


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