Body Area Networks for Healthcare

V.M. Jones, R.G.A. Bults, D. Konstantas, P.A.M. Vierhout

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    The subject of this research proposal is the design and development of novel applications and services targeting 4G wireless technologies. In previous papers [1, 2] we presented a vision of two future healthcare applications which we call Virtual Trauma Team and Virtual Homecare Team. These are two instances of the wider concept of Virtual Health Care Teams. These applications are based on emerging and future wireless communication technologies. The technical research required to realise the vision of Virtual Health Care Teams (VHCTs) involves a number of areas including wireless transmission systems supporting broadband access, vehicle-based (fast roaming) networks (VANs), Body Area Networks (BANs), Personal Area Networks (PANs) and ambient intelligent environments, with ad hoc networking enabling communication between (roaming) professionals, clients and patients. In our vision of future delivery of healthcare by VHCTs we anticipate ubiquitous use of BANs by citizens in general and by health professionals, other carers and patients. This current research proposal focuses on applications relating to the BAN elements of the VHCT vision.
    Original languageEnglish
    Number of pages6
    Publication statusPublished - 18 Sept 2001
    EventWireless World Research Forum Meeting 2002 - Stockholm, Sweden
    Duration: 17 Sept 200218 Sept 2002


    WorkshopWireless World Research Forum Meeting 2002


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