Bubble based micropump

Andrea Prosperetti (Inventor), Hasan N. Oğuz (Inventor), He Yuan (Inventor)

Research output: Patent

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A micro-pump pumps either electrically conductive or non-conductive liquids through channels of the micro-pump and/or micro-devices. A conductive or non-conductive liquid, depending on the specific application of the present invention, is disposed within a liquid chamber (10) and/or channel (14, 16) of the micro-pump. An energy source (22) is then applied to the micro-pump of the present invention in order to form one or more vapor bubbles (15) within the chamber and/or channel (14, 16). Thereafter the vapor bubble(s) (15) is collapsed, and the process of forming and collapsing the vapor bubble (15) may thereafter be repeated. By the formation and collapsing cycle of the vapor bubble (15), a pumping action of the liquid is effectuated thereby transporting the liquid within the micro-pump of the present invention and/or micro-devices.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberUS 6,283,718
Priority date4/09/01
Publication statusSubmitted - 4 Sept 2001


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