Building a four year post-secondary curriculum in educational science and technology

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This report begins by providing background information on educational technology in the Netherlands, differences between a four-year program in the Netherlands and undergraduate programs in the United States, and the structure of Dutch university programs. The need for a Department of Educational Science and Technology at the Twente University of Technology and characteristics of the department are then addressed, followed by a discussion of the starting points and procedure of curriculum planning and a description of the structure of the curriculum. Activities involved in carrying out the plans--course construction, development of the TO-laboratory (a computer, audiovisual, and learning resource center), and student recruitment--are also discussed. The report concludes with an evaluation of the program at the end of the first year of operation. This evaluation focused on the effects of modular course construction, and the interrelationships of courses, study load, and number of possible drop-outs. Four appendixes provide: (1) the results of a job analysis of the tasks performed by professionals in the field that was undertaken as part of the curriculum planning process; (2) an outline of the department's curriculum; (3) a general model for structured problem solving; and (4) a floor plan of the TO-laboratory. (MES)
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