Calling on autohermeneutic phenomenology to delve into the deeper levels of experience

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Understanding experience remains the holy grail in marketing theory and practice. Although research techniques continue to evolve and improve, capturing the depths of experience remains an arduous
task. There is especially sparse knowledge about how to reach experience’s most profound roots. In response, this chapter sets out an autohermeneutic phenomenological approach that taps into the deeper levels of customer experience to comprehend its extremities. It places experience at the centre of (self-)observation and thereby grants direct access to the entire ‘lifeworld’ experience spectrum in its ultimate and purest form from the subject’s perspective, thereby rendering a first-hand view of the deeper levels of the journey of customer experience. This chapter advances the methodological underpinnings of customer experience by offering a fresh perspective to researchers and practitioners, including a framework with guidelines, with which examine the multifaceted characteristics of experience,starting with its inception and including itstwists, turns and evolvements
over time.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationContemporary approaches Studying Customer Experience in Tourism Research
Subtitle of host publicationThis book will present the contemporary approaches applied to the tourism research, to study the consumer experience by discussing first, the theoretical part, which will be based mainly on behavioral sciences. To this regard, main paradigms and their related approaches studying CX will be stressed. Second, the book will develop a methodological part highlighting the holistic and dynamic nature of the customer experience, by capturing it along the customer journey; into the pre-, during, and post consumption through a combination of techniques including the innovative ones. Keywords – Customer experience, tourism management, ethno marketing, phenomenology, psychoanalytic, philosophical orientation, facet theory, customer journey, emotions, sensory experience, CX measure.
EditorsDhouha Jaziri, Raouf Rather
Publication statusPublished - 2 Aug 2022


  • Experience
  • Autohermeneutic phenomenology
  • Hermeneutics
  • Phenomenology
  • Self-observation
  • Journeys


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