Characterization of SiO2 films deposited at low temperature by means of remote ICPECVD

A. Boogaard, Alexeij Y. Kovalgin, I. Brunets, Antonius A.I. Aarnink, J. Holleman, Robertus A.M. Wolters, Jurriaan Schmitz

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    Silicon dioxide films were deposited by means of remote inductively coupled plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (ICPECVD) in Ar-N2O-SiH4 plasma at 150 °C and pressures between 1 and 6 Pa. Chemical modeling of our plasma indicated an increased fraction of SiH3 radicals at 6 Pa (compared to SiH2, SiH, and Si species), while at 1 Pa their relative contribution on film growth should be much smaller. Layer growth from SiH3 radicals would result in better dielectric quality. We found that the films contained a high amount of positive charge and exhibited large leakage currents at 1 Pa, while films with lower positive charge and much lower leakage currents were grown at 6 Pa. The deposition rate was ~4.5 nm/min at 1-2 Pa and 3.5 nm/min at 6 Pa. The lower growth-rate at 6 Pa could be ascribed to the formation of denser films, as well as to the changing plasma and surface chemistry. These results were consistent with chemical modeling.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)8976-8980
    Number of pages5
    JournalSurface and coatings technology
    Issue numberWP07-01
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Sept 2007


    • SC-ICF: Integrated Circuit Fabrication
    • Silane
    • Electrical characterization
    • PECVD
    • Silicon dioxide


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