Ch(k) grammars: A characterization of LL(k) languages

J. Becvar (Editor), Anton Nijholt, E. Soisalon-Soininen

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    In this paper we introduce the class of so called Ch(k) grammars [pronounced "chain k grammars"]. This class of grammars is properly contained in the class of LR(k) grammars and it properly contains the LL(k) grammars. However, the family of Ch[k) languages coincides with the family of LL(k) languages. Nevertheless, the parsing properties of Ch(k) grammars are quite different from the parsing properties of LL(k) grammars. The class of Ch(k) grammars can be considered as a generalization of the class of simple chain grammars in the same sense as the class of LL(k) grammars is a generalization of the class of simple LL(1) grammars.
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    Publication statusPublished - Sep 1979
    EventMathematical Foundations of Computer Science 1979 - Olomouc, Czechoslovakia
    Duration: 3 Sep 19797 Sep 1979


    ConferenceMathematical Foundations of Computer Science 1979
    Other3-7 Sept 1979


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