Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption and Re-Encryption

Muhammad Asim (Inventor), L. Ibraimi (Inventor), M. Petkovic (Inventor)

Research output: Patent

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A ciphertext-policy attribute-based encryption system, comprising a re-encrypter (9) for cryptographically transforming a first ciphertext (CTp1) associated with a first access policy (P1) into a second ciphertext (CTP2) associated with a second access policy (P2) by means of a re-encryption key (RK). The system further comprises a re-encryption key generator (7) for generating the re-encryption key (RK), wherein the re-encryption key (RK) enables the re-encrypter (9) to cryptographically transform the first ciphertext (CTP1) associated with the first access policy (P1) into the second ciphertext (CTP2) associated with the second access policy (P2). Said re-encryption key generator (7) comprises a subsystem for encrypting a value derived from a pseudorandom number, thereby generating a further ciphertext associated with the second access policy (P2).
Original languageUndefined
Patent numberWO2010IB54581
Priority date11/10/10
Publication statusSubmitted - 11 Oct 2010


  • EWI-20947
  • Encryption
  • METIS-281623
  • IR-78966
  • Attribute
  • Ciphertext

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