Command and Control for ADSP-21992 : template design for mechatronica project

Olaf van Zandwijk

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The goal of this project is to design a hardware template for the hardware connector tool. With this template, one must be able to generate C code for the Analog devices ADSP-21992 EZ-kit Lite evaluation board from a hardware independent 20-Sim model. The template, together with the mentioned software tools (20-Sim, hardware connector) will be used during the so called `Mechatronica project¿, which is a second-year project for students in Electrical Engineering at the University of Twente. There already exists a 20-Sim C code generation template for the ADSP-2199X family. This template has been altered and extended to create the necessary templates for the hardware connector tool. During the project the hardware connector also received some changes to match its goal of hardware independence. We now have a working setup which can be used by the students to easily create a controller in 20-Sim and run this controller at an ADSP-21992 EZ-kit Lite evaluation board. The Hardware Connector however misses some features in the way inputs and outputs are defined. There should be implemented some features that make it possible to bind some prerequisites to an input or output. To demonstrate the functional behavior of the board and the software, a demonstration setup has been made to show (some of) the functions the board can perform, generated from a hardware independent 20-Sim model. The hardware of this demonstration setup consists of oscilloscope, wave generator and of course the ADSP-21992 EZ-kit Lite itself.
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Publication statusPublished - 2005
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