Computerized conductometric determination of stability constants of complexes of crown ethers with alkali metal salts and with neutral molecules in polar solvents

D.Ph. Zollinger, E. Bulten, A. Christenhusz, M. Bos, W.E. van der Linden

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A computerized conductometric procedure for the determination of stability constants of the complexes of crown ethers (15-crown-5, benzo-15-crown-5 and 12-crown-4) with alkali metal salts in polar solvents is described, based on a microcomputer-controlled titration system. For the control of the experiments from software, a modular computer program was written in FORTH computer language. The procedure is especially suitable for the study of 1:2 metal ion/ligand complexes, which occur frequently with the compounds used. For the study of the interaction between crown ethers and neutral molecules, an indirect procedure is outlined.
Original languageUndefined
Pages (from-to)207-222
JournalAnalytica chimica acta
Publication statusPublished - 1987


  • IR-69848

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