Concurrent motor control of ARTY

P. Modderkolk

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In another assignment a 20-sim model of the mobile robot Arty has been made. With the help of the code-generation tool and the ETS-Kernel the model has been transferred to software for Arty. This ETS-Kernel had some disadvantages so Arty needed to be programmed in another way. Goal of this project was to program the motor control without a cable connecting to the command PC, in such a way that the system has still real-time behaviour. Therefore, it is chosen to use CTC++, which is based on CSP concepts. First, a 20-sim model of the motor control was made, which consists of several submodels. Then, with the use of code-generation CTC++ processes were made out of the 20-sim submodels. These processes were listed in a par construct in CTC++ and then tested on Arty. The behaviour of Arty is similar to that of the model, so the model gives a good presentation of Arty.
Original languageUndefined
Number of pages42
Publication statusPublished - 2003
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  • IR-56888

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