Conducted interference, challenges and interference cases

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    Conducted interference has become increasingly problematic in the past few years, especially within the 2-150 kHz band. The high penetration of non-linear loads, combined with distributed generation, will influence the voltage profile, i.e. the power quality. New technologies will introduce new types of interference. Protection devices like varistors and filters in one equipment will also influence the impact on neighboring equipment, shunting intentional signals or causing resonances, resulting in high currents between equipment. Due to the lack of (and interest in) standards, the 2-150 kHz has been the garbage bin for power electronics. Communication problems as well as interference problems are occurring already and are delaying the introduction of systems. Interference is not caused by some single types of equipment such as power drive systems, but relates to a quite larger spectrum of electrical equipment, including intentional signals which also cause interference challenges.
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