Considerations and restrictions on the theoretical validity of the linearized cloudpoint correlation

W.F.C. Kools, Anthonie van den Boomgaard, H. Strathmann

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The linearized cloudpoint curve correlation presented by Boom et al. [Polymer, 1993, 34, 2348] is revised. Boundaries for the validity of the linearized cloudpoint correlation are given for which an interpretation from the Flory-Huggins theory is possible. The distinction between liquid-liquid and solid-liquid demixing by this correlation must also be subjected to some constraints, although the slope in the correlation still offers a good way to distinguish between solid-liquid and liquid-liquid demixing. The statement, however, that concentration-dependent interaction parameters can be derived from this correlation must be rejected. The empirical rule found by Li et al. [Desalination, 1987, 62, 7955] can be rationalized on the basis of the LCC correlation.
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Pages (from-to)4835-4840
Number of pages6
Issue number39-20
Publication statusPublished - 1998


  • METIS-106203
  • demixing
  • polymer solutions
  • Phase separation
  • IR-73872

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