Construction industry, e-business and marketing. Are the dot.coms pushing aside personal relationships?

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    In the present globalizing construction industry, parties in construction industry are looking more internationally for enhancing their business-activities. But what stimulates these developments specifically? It seems to be that the role of information-technology is one of the big drivers for it, together with e.g. the global shift and transfer of capital-flows. Also the increasing power of hardware and the decrease of computing costs stimulates the use of it. Since the development of the world wide web in the early 1990's, the several parties and individuals in the economy got wired and linked together, leading to a first hype. The starting of a " economy" was clear: It promised and (only partly) realized connections between companies and individuals worldwide, hoping for a good business on a global market-place. But without any contact between parties there is no trading, specifically when lack of safety on web-connections is still evident. However, when only using the '' without accompanying development personal relationships, the promised added value of the web will not become satisfying and only stay a marketing-tool. Then, the adding of improved personal relationships preferably before, or parallel to, the start-up of a web-based economy in construction, can generate serious business-opportunities. However, this will lead to a growing transparency of the market, which will give increasingly (purchasing) power to the customer. The company's added value will become even more important then, which can be improved by having good/personal contacts to the customer. In other words: Personal relationships and its culture stay of main importance and will stay 'part of the deal', also after the first ''-hype is over now. Taking up the chances of the creating real advantages of e-business, related to marketing but especially related to people. Not only in a virtual market-place, but also and especially in reality!
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    JournalInternational journal of construction marketing
    Issue number1
    Publication statusPublished - 2001


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