Courseware evaluation by teachers : an implementation perspective.

Joke Voogt

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This study has investigated teachers' criteria for the use of courseware packages in the classroom. The starting point of the study was the assumption that it is the teacher who decides whether or not courseware will be used in the classroom. The integration of courseware into the curriculum is conceived as a complex innovation. The study is oriented towards the process of decision making by teachers. A positive decision to actual use of courseware is one of the first steps towards integration of courseware into the curriculum. Three determinants of quality and practicality of an innovation, viz. instrumentality, congruence and cost, formed the theoretical framework of the study. From the study it can be concluded that at the very first stage of the process leading to the integration of courseware into the curriculum, courseware should motivate students, realize educational objectives better than traditional methods and its content should be an operationalization of teacher's ideas and beliefs.
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JournalComputers & education
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1990


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