CRISP: Cutting Edge Reconfigurable ICs for Stream Processing

Tapani Ahonen, Timon D. ter Braak, Stephen T. Burgess, Richard Geißler, Paul M. Heysters, Heikki Hurskainen, Hans G. Kerkhoff, Andre B.J. Kokkeler, Jari Nurmi, Jussi Raasakka, Gerard K. Rauwerda, Gerard J.M. Smit, Xiao Zhang, Kim Sunesen, Henk van Zonneveld, Bart Vermeulen

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapterAcademicpeer-review


    The Cutting edge Reconfigurable ICs for Stream Processing (CRISP) project aims to create a highly scalable and dependable reconfigurable system concept for a wide range of tomorrow’s streaming DSP applications. Within CRISP, a network-on-chip based many-core stream processor with dependability infrastructure and run-time resource management is devised, implemented, and manufactured to demonstrate a coarse-grained core-level reconfigurable system with scalable computing power, flexibility, and dependability. This chapter introduces CRISP, presents the concepts, and outlines the preliminary results of a running project.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationReconfigurable Computing: From Fpgas to Hardware/Software Codesign
    EditorsJoão M.P. Cardoso, Michael Hübner
    Place of PublicationLondon
    Number of pages28
    ISBN (Print)978-1-46140-060-8
    Publication statusPublished - 2011


    • EC Grant Agreement nr.: FP7/215881


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