Critical behavior at a dynamic vortex insulator-to-metal transition

Nicola Poccia, Tatyana I. Baturina, Francesco Coneri, Cor G. Molenaar, X. Renshaw Wang, Ginestra Bianconi, Alexander Brinkman, Hans Hilgenkamp, Alexander A. Golubov, Valerii M. Vinokur

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An array of superconducting islands placed on a normal metal film offers a tunable realization of nanopatterned superconductivity. This system enables investigation of the nature of competing vortex states and phase transitions between them. A square array creates the eggcrate potential in which magnetic field–induced vortices are frozen into a vortex insulator. We observed a vortex insulator–vortex metal transition driven by the applied electric current and determined critical exponents that coincided with those for thermodynamic liquid-gas transition. Our findings offer a comprehensive description of dynamic critical behavior and establish a deep connection between equilibrium and nonequilibrium phase transitions
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1202-1205
Issue number6253
Publication statusPublished - 2015


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