Critical state flow rules for CFD simulations of wet granular flows

R. Schwarze, A. Gladkyy, Stefan Luding

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First rheological investigation results of weakly wet granular media are presented. The materials have been examined experimentally and numerically in well- defined shear configurations in steady state, in the intermediate flow regime. For the experiments, a Searl-type ring shear cell with rotating inner cylinder and fixed outer cylinder is used. In the numerical particle simulation approach, a split-bottom shear cell is used. Relevant local continuum flow fields (e.g. velocity, stress, shear rates) are determined by micro-macro transition from the simulations data. After the simulations are validated by experiments, e.g. by comparison with the experimentally accessible quantities like shear-torque at the inner wheel, they can give a deeper insight into the microscopic kinematics. The granular media have considerably more “wet contacts” in the shear zone, as for example the location-plot of purely wet bridges, without mechanical contacts suggests. Finally, critical state flow rules concerning the viscosity of wet granular materials are discussed.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationFundamentals and Applications PARTICLES 2013
EditorsE. Ramm E. Onate M. Bischoff, P. Wriggers
Place of PublicationSpain
ISBN (Print)978-84-941531-8-1
Publication statusPublished - 18 Sep 2013
Event3rd International Conference on Particle-Based Methods, PARTICLES 2013 - Stuttgart, Germany
Duration: 18 Sep 201320 Sep 2013
Conference number: 3

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Conference3rd International Conference on Particle-Based Methods, PARTICLES 2013
Abbreviated titlePARTICLES
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