Cross-Reactive Sensor Array for Metal Ion Sensing Based on Fluorescent SAMs

Lourdes Basabe Desmonts (Corresponding Author), Frederieke van der Baan, Rebecca S. Zimmerman, David N. Reinhoudt, Mercedes Crego Calama (Corresponding Author)

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    Fluorescent self assembled monolayers (SAMs) on glass were previouslydeveloped in our group as new sensing materials for metal ions. These fluorescent SAMs arecomprised by fluorophores and small molecules sequentially deposited on a monolayer onglass. The preorganization provided by the surface avoids the need for complex receptordesign, allowing for a combinatorial approach to sensing systems based on small molecules.Now we show the fabrication of an effective microarray for the screening of metal ions andthe properties of the sensing SAMs. A collection of fluorescent sensing SAMs wasgenerated by combinatorial methods and immobilized on the glass surfaces of a custom-made 140 well microtiter-plate. The resulting libraries are easily measured and show variedresponses to a series cations such as Cu2+ , Co2+ , Pb2+ , Ca2+ and Zn2+ . These surfaces are notdesigned to complex selectively a unique analyte but rather they are intended to producefingerprint type responses to a range of analytes by less specific interactions. The unselectiveresponses of the library to the presence of different cations generate a characteristic patternfor each analyte, a “finger print” response.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)1731-1746
    Number of pages16
    JournalSensors (US)
    Issue number9
    Publication statusPublished - 2007


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