Cryogenic magnetometer research at Twente University of Technology

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In 1982 we started the project ‘Cryogenic Magnetometers’ with the aim to develop SQUID-magnetometers appropriate to a large variety of applications. The first system we developed is a SQUID-magnetometer with an open-ended horizontal access at room temperature. The measuring space inside the pick-up coils is easy accessible and the magnetization (remanent or induced) can be measured of materials in a static position or transported through the access. Further, systems have been developed with the pick-up coil set outside the cryostat, in order to arrive at a flexible system with which the object under investigation can be approached as close as possible. Another part of the project is the optimization of magnetometers with respect to the cryogenic system in order to develop cryogenic magnetometer systems with a very long time between helium refills. The present status of these three research subjects is briefly described.
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Publication statusPublished - 1984


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