Current source array

Andreia Cathelin (Inventor), Bram Nauta (Inventor)

    Research output: Patent

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    A Silicon On Insulator current source array includes input control for receiving a control voltage, a first reference input for receiving a first reference voltage, and a second reference input for receiving a second reference voltage. A chain of several Silicon On Insulator MOS transistors, of the same type, have control electrodes all connected to the input control, first conduction electrodes are all connected to the first reference input, and second conduction electrodes are respectively connected to the second reference input through several load circuits respectively configured to be traversed by several currents when the several transistors are ON upon application of the control voltage on the input control. An input bias is coupled to a semiconductor well located below an insulating buried layer located below the chain of transistors for receiving a biasing voltage difference.
    Original languageEnglish
    Patent numberUS20150137874 A1
    Publication statusPublished - 21 May 2015


    • EWI-27859
    • IR-104353


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