Cut-and-Paste file-systems: integrating simulators and file systems

H.G.P. Bosch, Sape J. Mullender

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    We have implemented an integrated and configurable file system called the Pegasus filesystem (PFS) and a trace-driven file-system simulator called Patsy. Patsy is used for off-line analysis of file-systemalgorithms, PFS is used for on-line file-systemdata storage. Algorithms are first analyzed in Patsy and when we are satisfied with the performance results, migrated into PFS for on-line usage. Since Patsy and PFS are derived from a common cut-and-paste file-system framework, this migration proceeds smoothly. We have found this integration quite useful: algorithm bottlenecks have been found through Patsy that could have led to performance degradations in PFS. Off-line simulators are simpler to analyze compared to on-line file-systems because a work load can repeatedly be replayed on the same off-line simulator. This is almost impossible in on-line file-systems since it is hard to provide similar conditions for each experiment run. Since simulator and file-system are integrated (hence, use the same code), experiment results from the simulator have relevance in the real system. This paper describes the cut-and-paste framework, the instantiation of the framework to PFS and Patsy and finally, some of the experiments we conducted in Patsy.
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationEnschede
    PublisherUniversity of Twente
    Number of pages23
    Publication statusPublished - 1995

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    NamePegagus paper
    PublisherUniversity of Twente


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