This dashboard reveals (49) robust landscape metrics (LMs) that have been confirmed (by at least two separate studies) to influence urban land surface temperatures (ULSTs) in diverse landscape characters. It a summary of our findings in the study on Robust Drivers of Urban Land Surface Temperature Dynamics Across Diverse Landscape Characters: An Augmented Systematic Literature Review. Hence, the dashboard is to aid in communicating our findings in a simplified, interactive, and engaging manner. It is also expected to enhance understanding of the drivers of LST dynamics in diverse landscape characters, by both scientific and non-scientific (urban) stakeholders. Also, it is proposed as a tool that can be used alongside other existing scientific criteria (e.g., most applied, theoretical significance, ease of interpretation and applicability) and stakeholders' indigenous knowledge for selecting LMs to be included in the modelling of ULST dynamics. Meanwhile, with the help of filters, the Dashboard readily indicates the methodology applied in the studies wherein robust LMs were found and their sources as well – which can be immediately accessed.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 13 Feb 2024


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