Demand-Side Energy Management

Albert Molderink

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Concerns about climate change, increasing energy prices and dependability of energy supply ask for drastic changes in the energy supply chain, but also in the current demand-supply philosophy. Current trends in energy consumptions result in an increasing and more fluctuating electricity usage, causing a decreas- ing efficiency of conventional power plants and increasing requirements on the grid and generation capacity. Furthermore, in order to meet the CO2 emission reductions aimed for in the 20-20-20 agreements, at least a large part of the electricity should be generated by renewable sources which are to a large extent uncontrollable. This introduces even more challenges to maintain a reliable, dependable and affordable electricity supply. Therefore, new ways 1) to achieve a more efficient use of the generated electricity of existing power plants, 2) to facilitate the large scale introduction of renewable sources and 3) to allow a large scale introduction of new technologies for consumption and storage of energy, is required, while maintaining grid stability and ensuring a reliable and affordable supply.
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Publication statusPublished - 21 Aug 2012

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