Design and modeling of a precision 6 DOF MEMS-based parallel kinematic TEM sample manipulator

Dannis Michel Brouwer, B.R. de Jong, Herman Soemers

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A design for a 6 Degree-of-freedom precision MEMS-based manipulator for a TEM will is presented. The elastic mechanism is designed and modeled with the specific design considerations regarding kinematic constraint design and elastic energy storage. The typical relatively large deformations of elastic hinges in MEMS result in relatively large displacements and large rigid body rotations. For accurate analysis geometrically non-linear elasticity theory has been used. The drive stiffness has great influence on the longitudinal stiffness of leaf-springs. Leaf-springs used at a relatively low drive stiffness, as is usually the case in MEMS, can benefit from reinforcement, but only in certain cases. The stiffness and so the natural frequency decrease due to deflection of elastic elements in a system can be drastic. In the proposed hexapod design the maximum lowest natural frequency shift due to a displacement of 25 μm is only 10%
Original languageUndefined
Publication statusPublished - 2006
EventPhilips Precision Technology Conference 2006 - Groenendael, Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands
Duration: 1 Oct 20061 Oct 2006


ConferencePhilips Precision Technology Conference 2006
OtherOctober 2006


  • IR-89864

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