Designing of Closed loops for passenger car tyres

Wilma K. Dierkes, Johannes W. van Hoek, G.H.L.M. Heideman, Jacobus W.M. Noordermeer, Anke Blume, Margie Topp

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One of the emerging topics in elastomer technology is Circular Economy. In the past, the quality of recycled rubber was rather low, limiting the application range and quantities. New technologies for higher quality recycled rubber need to be developed in order to make cradle-to-cradle loops for tires a reality.
An innovative technology is devulcanization of rubber. In the strict sense of the word, this is the reverse of the vulcanization process, leading to a material with the same property profile as the starting one. In the case of tires, the challenge is to develop an universal procedure suitable for the different polymers and compounds in this product. Another issue is the application of devulcanized rubber: processing as well as compounding have to be adjusted to achieve the best properties, including maximum improvement of lifetime of the blend of recycled and virgin rubber.
The tailored devulcanization process and application practice will be covered in this talk, with special attention to the limitations and obstacles of this technology.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 22 Mar 2017
Event24th Annual European Tyre recycling Conference 2017 - NH Sablon Hotel, Brussels , Belgium
Duration: 22 Mar 201724 Mar 2017
Conference number: 24


Conference24th Annual European Tyre recycling Conference 2017
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