Development of a journal recommendation tool based upon co-citation analysis of journals cited in Wageningen UR research articles

Marco G.P. van Veller, W. Gerritsma

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Wageningen UR Library has developed a tool based upon co-citation
analysis to recommend alternative journals to researchers for a journal they look
up in the tool. The journal recommendations can be tuned in such a way to
include citation preferences for each of the five science groups that comprise
Wageningen UR.
For the development of the tool we have looked at the reference lists of 18,490
research articles published in 2006-2013 by Wageningen UR staff in 2,530 peer
reviewed journals covered by Web of Science. The total collected reference lists
contains 795,585 references, of which 700,115 have been identified to articles in 10,712 unique journal titles. For the 700,115 references to these articles we have made an inventory of the co-occurrence (co-citation) of journals. The abundance of co-citations for these journals is calculated.
We have included the results of the co-citation analysis of journals in a database
that can function as a journal recommendation tool. With the tool, we can
retrieve a list with frequencies of co-cited journals based on any journal that has
been cited in Wageningen UR research articles. We surmise that frequently cocited journals are more similar in topic(s) and research field(s) because these
journals together have been cited in the same article dealing with a particular
topic within a certain research field.
This list of co-cited journals provides suggestions on related journals that share
topic(s) and research field(s). The tool presented in this paper is set up in an
interactive way since it is based upon articles published by the researchers
themselves. In case new articles will refer to other journals (because other topics and research fields are dealt with in new published articles) this will influence
the co-citation analysis and result in recommendation of other journals.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)233-257
JournalQualitative and quantitative methods in libraries
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2015
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