Developments in the Value Chain of Scientific Information [Powerpoint Presentation]

Hans E. Roosendaal

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The values in scientific information relevant for the individual researcher can be represented in the value chain for this process. IT is a strong engine for change, in particular as IT has the potential not only to innovate the research information system but also the educational information system at large. As a result universities are in flux. The integration of (communication and information for) research and education is key in this development. ICT will allow new forms of learning, in particular of distance and lifelong learning, leading to a change from primarily the transfer of knowledge to the student (supply push) to primarily the acquisition and development of knowledge by the student (demand pull). These new forms of learning will have a major impact on the economic conditions under which universities will operate in the future. The integration of information for research and education will change the value chain for the information system at large. The main functions in communication of research and educational information and how they will develop will be discussed against this background. The strategic and structural consequences will be analysed. As a result of these developments, it is speculated that we will see a transformation of the value chain leading to more symmetrical roles for academic institutions and publishers.
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Number of pages30
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2003
Event9. IuK Kongress 'Sharing Knowledge: Scientific Communication' - Osnabrueck, Germany
Duration: 10 Mar 200313 Mar 2003


Conference9. IuK Kongress 'Sharing Knowledge: Scientific Communication'
Other10-13 March 2003


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