Dynamiccally vulcanized PP/EPDM blends by multifunctional peroxides: characterization with various analytical techniques

K.N. Kinsuk Naskar, S. Datta, Jacobus W.M. Noordermeer, J. Jelenic

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The characterization of peroxide-cured PP/EPDM TPVs using various spectroscopic techniques is difficult. These techniques are most suited for analysis of solutions, while the PP-phase does not dissolve in common organic solvents at room temperature. To obtain more insight into the chemistry and reactivity involved between the multifunctional peroxides and EPDM rubber, several characterization techniques were employed. In the present investigation, FTIR, GC-(FID + MS), HP-SEC, and element analysis were used to characterize the multifunctional peroxides TBIB and DTBT, before and after the dynamic curing of the EPDM phase. The decomposition products obtained from these multifunctional peroxides are most likely grafted onto the EPDM-rubber, thereby reducing their volatility and avoiding the common unpleasant smell.
Original languageUndefined
Pages (from-to)1393-1403
JournalJournal of applied polymer science
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2005


  • GC-(FID + MS)
  • Dynamic curing
  • HP-SEC
  • IR-72031
  • multifunctional peroxides
  • PP-EPDM blends
  • METIS-228988
  • FTIR

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