E-learning as a Vehicle for Knowledge Management

R.S. Choenni, R. Walker, R Bakker, W. Baets

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Nowadays, companies want to learn from their own experiences and to be able to enhance that experience with best principles and lessons learned from other companies. Companies emphasise the importance of knowledge management, particularly the relationship between knowledge and learning within an organisation. We feel that an e-learning environment may contribute to knowledge management on the one hand and to the learning need in companies on the other hand. In this paper, we report on the challenges in designing and implementing an e-learning environment. We identify the properties from a pedagogical view that should be supported by an e-learning environment. Then, we discuss the challenges in developing a system that includes these properties.
Original languageUndefined
Number of pages14
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2001
Event14th International Conference on Applications of Prolog (INAP 2001) - Tokyo, Japan
Duration: 20 Oct 200122 Oct 2001


Conference14th International Conference on Applications of Prolog (INAP 2001)
Other20-22 Oct 2001


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