Early and Presenting Symptoms of Dementia with Lewy Bodies

Eirik Auning, Arvid Rongve, Tormod Fladby, Jan Booij, Tibor Hortobagyi, Francoise J. Siepel, Clive Ballard, Dag Aarsland

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    Background/Aims: To explore the presenting and early symptoms of dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB). Method: Patients with mild dementia fulfilling diagnostic criteria for DLB (n = 61) and Alzheimer’s disease (AD) (n = 109) were recruited from outpatient dementia clinics in western Norway. At diagnosis, caregivers were asked which symptom had been the presenting symptom of dementia. Results: Caregivers reported that memory impairment was the most common presenting symptom in DLB (57%), followed by visual hallucinations (44%), depression (34%), problem solving difficulties (33%), gait problems (28%), and tremor/stiffness (25%). In contrast, 99% of AD carers reported impaired memory as a presenting symptom, whereas visual hallucinations were a presenting symptom in 3% of the AD cases. Conclusion: DLB should be suspected in predementia cases with visual hallucinations.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)202-208
    JournalDementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders Extra
    Issue number3
    Publication statusPublished - 2011


    • Dementia with Lewy bodies
    • Alzheimer's disease dementia
    • Parkinsonism
    • Predementia
    • Carer report

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    Auning, E., Rongve, A., Fladby, T., Booij, J., Hortobagyi, T., Siepel, F. J., ... Aarsland, D. (2011). Early and Presenting Symptoms of Dementia with Lewy Bodies. Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders Extra, 32(3), 202-208. https://doi.org/10.1159/000333072