Editorial: New modalities for interactive entertainment

Gualtiero Volpe, G Volpe (Editor), Dennis Reidsma (Editor), A. Camurri (Editor), Antonio Camurri, Antinus Nijholt (Editor)

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    Interaction technologies have recently become more and more robust, ubiquitous, and widespread. Their advances encompass both the enabling technologies (e.g., faster computer architectures and network communications, more powerful real-time video and audio processing, and so on) and the concept itself guiding research and development. Keywords such as user centric media, user-centered design, human-centered computing are emerging as novel directions for research. The focus on the user and on her capabilities reverts the original machine-centred paradigm and opens new perspectives for interactive entertainment. This special issue collects contributions that witness such a trend toward a novel human-centered interactive entertainment. The special issue gathers selected, extended contributions from the Intetain 2011 Conference, with a special focus on research concerning intelligent systems, applications, and techniques for interactive entertainment.
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    JournalEntertainment computing
    Issue number3
    Publication statusPublished - 14 Aug 2013


    • EWI-23305
    • animations
    • active listening
    • IR-88239
    • Virtual agents
    • music authoring
    • Brain-Computer Interfaces
    • Computer Vision
    • METIS-299966
    • Kinect

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