Efecto de la pendiente y la elevación en la biomasa forestal, su aplicación para realizar estimaciones en el paisaje

Miguel Angel Salinas Melgoza, Margaret Skutsch, Jonathan Cranidge Lovett, L. Morales-Barquero

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Above ground biomass concentrations at plot level response to terrain variables and the use of woody plants for estimation of greenhouse gas mitigation has led to demand for rapid and accurate estimation of forest carbon stocks. The aim of this study is to assess the extent of terrain slope and altitude to constraint biomass patterns through the landscape in a tropical dry forest and find models helps to predict them. Biomass obtained with the allometric relationship with diameter at breast height (DBH) for 163 sites in 400 m2 circular plots was obtained, using concentric circles to collect trees with different tree DBH size. Synthetic variable (SV) using ordination technique using species biomass by site as main input was obtained. Correlation and then linear models were carried out for pair of variables. Stand–level biomass, logarithm of biomass and SV were used as dependent variable and terrain slope, altitude and categories of terrain slope and altitude as independent variable. Models using log of biomass and stand–level biomass performed better and with lowest goodness and the complexity trade–off than the ones using SV. We conclude that is possible to predict forest biomass using terrain slope and altitude using terrain attributes but terrain slope has to be categorized to obtain a better fit. The model with of the model has.
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Title of host publicationEstado Actual del Conocimiento del Ciclo del Carbono y sus Interacciones en México: Síntesis a 2015
EditorsF. Paz Pellat, J.C. Wong Gonzalez, R. Torres Alamilla
Place of PublicationVillahermosa, Mexico
Publication statusPublished - 2015
EventVI Simposio Internacional del Carbono en México, 2015 - Villahermosa, Mexico
Duration: 20 May 201522 May 2015
Conference number: 6

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ConferenceVI Simposio Internacional del Carbono en México, 2015


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