Electrokinetic Lab-on-a-BioChip for Multi-ligand/Multi-analyte Biosensing

G. Krishnamoorthy, Edwin Carlen, Hans L. de Boer, Albert van den Berg, Richardus B.M. Schasfoort

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We present a simple electrokinetic lab-on-a-biochip (EKLB) with four microchannels integrated with a surface plasmon resonance imaging (iSPR) label-free biosensor that is operated using a single electrical voltage for the simultaneous transport of reagents in all microchannels without conventional fluidic plumbing. We demonstrate the utility of the simple approach with various biosensing experiments, including single injection kinetics (multiple varied ligand densities and single analyte concentration), one shot kinetics (single ligand densities and multiple varied analyte concentrations), and multi-ligand/multi-analyte detection. In all cases, the binding kinetics and affinity were extracted using a conventional 1:1 interaction model. Since the reagent transport is done with a single electrical voltage source, scaling up to hundreds to thousands of simultaneous experiments is straightforward.
Original languageUndefined
Article number10.1021/ac1003163
Pages (from-to)4145-4150
Number of pages6
JournalAnalytical chemistry
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - 15 May 2010


  • EWI-18132
  • IR-72393
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