Electrokinetic pumping and detection of low-volume flows in nanochannels

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    Electrokinetic pumping of low-volume rates was performed on-chip in channels of small cross sectional area and height in the sub-m range. The flow was detected with the current monitoring technique by monitoring the change in resistance of the fluid in the channel upon the electroosmosis-driven displacement of an electrolyte solution by a second electrolyte solution. Flow rates in the order of 0.1 pL/s were successfully generated and detected. The channels were fabricated with the sacrificial layer technology.
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    Issue number21-22
    Publication statusPublished - 2004


    • METIS-219626
    • IR-48308
    • Current monitoring technique
    • Miniaturization
    • Nanochannels
    • Sacrificial layer technique
    • Electro-osmotic flow

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